The average cost to reface bathroom cabinets is $2,000 to $2,500. Refacing bathroom cabinets means replacing the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware while keeping the existing cabinet boxes. It offers a more affordable way to give outdated cabinets a fresh, new look compared to a full replacement. Factors like the number of cabinets, type of materials, and any custom designs impact the overall project price. The total cost in a bathroom remodel project typically includes expenses for new doors/drawers, hardware, installation labor, and more. With some simple upgrades like new knobs and hinges, refacing can help modernize worn or dated bathroom cabinets without breaking the bank. This guide breaks down exactly what influences the price to reface cabinets and what the average homeowner can expect to budget for a mid-range bathroom remodel of standard vanities.

Factors That Impact Refacing Costs

The cost to reface bathroom cabinets depends on several key factors:

  • Type and amount of cabinets: The size of the project impacts the bottom line. Refacing a double vanity with upper cabinets and multiple drawers costs more in materials and labor compared to updating a single basic vanity. Dealing with custom or oddly shaped cabinets also increases price.
  • Choice of materials: The material you select for the new doors and drawer fronts plays a major role in overall spend. At the lower end, thermofoils and laminates keep costs affordable. Mid-range options like wood veneers offer an attractive look for a moderate budget. High-end materials like exotic veneers or solid hardwoods raise the price tag.
  • Accessories and upgrades: Opting for upgrades like soft-close hinges, undercabinet lighting, glass shelves, full-extension drawer glides and decorative hardware adds to the total cost. The more custom accessories you pick, the more you’ll pay.
  • Layout changes: If you alter the existing cabinet footprint or placement as part of the reface, it often requires new carpentry work to resize or move boxes. This drives up project costs compared to keeping things in their original locations.
  • Regional rates: Like with any home improvement project, labor and material rates vary by where you live. Refacing cabinets may cost more or less depending on if local rates are above or below national averages.
  • Contractor expertiseHiring a master carpenter or cabinet specialist with exceptional skill, experience and a keen eye for detail increases prices over less seasoned installers. But it often yields better quality results.

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What’s Included in Cabinet Refacing

What’s Included in Cabinet Refacing

When you decide to reface your bathroom cabinets, the process will include removing the old doors and fronts, preparing the boxes, installing new fronts, adding hardware, and finishing up with modifications and installation. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Removing old doors/drawers: Labor is involved in taking off your existing hardware, doors, and drawer fronts to access the cabinet boxes behind them. Any repairs needed would cost extra.
  • Cabinet box preparations: The installer will likely sand the boxes, clean them, patch holes, and prep the surfaces so the new fronts fit right. This evens out the cabinets so the new fronts sit flush.
  • New doors and draws: You’ll select new wood, laminate or thermofoil doors and drawer fronts cut to fit seamlessly onto your existing boxes. The new fronts give the fresh facelift.
  • Hinges and hardware: Part of the package includes installing new hinges on the doors and providing knobs or pulls—typically standard bronze, brass, chrome or black—to match your style.
  • Modifications: Your installer can cut out holes for plumbing or electrical in the new drawer fronts and doors. Custom changes or alterations increase cost.
  • Installation labor: Skilled carpenters carefully install the new doors, fronts and hardware securely, correctly and attractively. The quality of the finish work impacts results.

The specific work involved will depend on factors like how much needs repaired or altered and modifications required. The more customized the job, the more labor and price go up. Keeping a similar footprint costs less. But the end result is refreshed cabinets with updated fronts and hardware in place for a fraction of full cabinet replacement.

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Average Cost Breakdown

Average Cost Breakdown

The average cost to reface bathroom cabinets is typically between $2,000 to $2,500. This mid-range price breaks down into the following components:

  • Materials: $800 – $1,200 This covers mid-priced wood veneers, laminates, or thermofoils. It assumes standard cabinet sizes and shapes rather than custom work.
  • Cabinet Doors & Drawers: $450 – $850 The cost for the new doors and drawer fronts sized to fit the existing cabinet boxes.
  • Accessories & Hardware: $250 – $500 This includes items like hinges, knobs, lighting, glass shelves, and other hardware accessories. Typically mid-grade, standard options.
  • Labor: $500 – $900 Labor encompasses removal of old doors/drawers, preparation work on cabinet boxes, installation of the new components, and finishing.
  • Total Price Range: $2,000 – $2,500 The midpoint comes out to $2,250 for a reasonably sized bathroom reface with mid-range finishes.

For a larger or more luxurious bathroom, with exotic wood veneers or stone accents for example, or extensive customization with specialty sizes and shapes, the total could reach upwards of $3,500+.

But for most standard tub/shower bathroom spaces, sticking to laminates and simple cabinet layouts, most homeowners invest $2,000 to $2,500 for a full reface. This achieves a fresh new look at a fraction of a full cabinet replacement costing $5,000+ more on average.

Factors That Lower or Increase Cost

Factors That Lower or Increase Cost

The total cost to reface bathroom cabinets depends on several key factors:

Cabinet Layout/Footprint – Keeping the existing cabinet footprint is cheaper than reconfiguring the layout. If you change the size or placement of cabinets, it requires more materials and labor.

Materials – Thermofoils are the most affordable materials, while exotic wood veneers are premium and cost more. The more luxurious the materials, the higher the price tag.

Customization – Standard sizes and shapes cost less than custom work. Unique cabinet designs, specialty sizes, and custom changes increase the reface price.

Location – Labor and material rates vary by region. Prices for refacing are higher in some parts of the country.

Contractor Experience – Master craftsmen charge more than less skilled contractors or installers. Their expertise commands higher rates.

On the other hand, some factors reduce the cost:

Simplicity – Keeping the reface project simple without a lot of add-ons or custom work costs less. Resist upgrading items that aren’t necessary.

Standard Materials – Opt for standard wood veneers, laminates or thermofoils instead of premium materials. Stick to standard sizes too.

Limited Changes – Make very few (if any) modifications to the existing cabinet footprint and layout. Work within the current configuration.

In summary, to reduce the cost, steer clear of customization and luxury finishes. Stick to standard sizes, affordable materials, and don’t change the cabinet footprint. But if budget isn’t a concern, upgrades may be worthwhile.

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Returns on Investment

Returns on Investment

Though not inexpensive, a bathroom cabinet reface of mid-range materials costs a fraction compared to a full cabinet replacement at $5,000+. It also takes less time and allows keeping existing cabinet boxes. For anywhere from a quarter to half the price of new custom cabinetry, you can get a fresh facelift with updated door styles.

Given the lower cost to transform the space, upgrading worn or dated bathroom cabinets via refacing is considered a good return on investment. It can modernize the room’s aesthetic and potentially boost resale value. The project cost can usually be recouped if selling the home.

Specifically, here is how a bathroom cabinet reface offers strong ROI:

  • 25-50% of the cost of new cabinets
  • Faster timeline than replacing cabinets
  • Keep existing boxes to save demolition work
  • Update looks with new doors and hardware
  • Increase home value by modernizing kitchens and baths, one of the top features buyers want
  • Recoup investment since lower cost remodels tend to return over 50% at sale

So for $2,000-2,500 on average, a bathroom cabinet reface breathes new life into existing cabinetry. It can make dated oak or worn laminate cabinets look fresh and contemporary again. The relatively small project investment offers big visual impact.

Home buyers want updated kitchens and baths. By refacing bathroom cabinets, sellers can modernize one of the most used rooms in the house to potentially boost listing prices. And since a reface costs significantly less than replacing cabinets, the project cost is likely to be recouped upon home sale.

In conclusion, a bathroom cabinet reface offers strong ROI for the reasonable project investment cost. It affordably transforms the space to please buyers and potentially recoup costs when selling.


Ultimately, refacing your bathroom cabinets offers an affordable way to give your space a makeover for $2,000 to $2,500 on average. Rather than a full replacement, you keep existing cabinet boxes while upgrading the exterior with new doors, draws, hardware and accessories. The project modernizes worn or dated cabinets at a fraction of replacement cost. As Chris Steck of Steck Realty & Remodeling explains, clear pricing means no surprise add-ons down the road. Their exceptional customer service also ensures a smooth, supported process from start to finish. If your bathroom cabinets need some TLC, a reface helps maximize your investment. Reach out for a free quote to understand exact costs based on materials, labor, customization and more. Then watch your vision come alive with their help.

Chris Steck